FAQ about CIMBS: Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems

What is CIMBS?

CIMBS is a ground-breaking psychotherapeutic method which maximizes the brain’s ability to rewire itself for healthier functioning.  Through the use of various techniques, CIMBS guides neuroplasticity to help people reach their fullest, most authentic potential, and to live happier, more satisfying lives.

What does a CIMBS Counselling session look like?

It’s a mindful, collaborative, present moment oriented session.  The Counsellor sits across from you, and asks you questions about what you are experiencing in the moment.  There is no need to talk about the past.  It’s quite gentle, but focused.  It feels very different from other forms of therapy.  It seems simple, but it’s very authentic and can have profoundly beneficial results.

What is the CIMBS methodology based on? 

It’s based on two main premises that are grounded in neuroscience:

  1. Neuroplasticity: that we can use our minds to rewire the brain, and
  2. Systems Perspective:  that the brain is composed of multiple systems, each having its own important purpose, which together form the basis of healthy functioning of the whole.

How does CIMBS work and for what issues may CIMBS help?

As noted, there are many brain systems, with different purposes;  These work independently and in synchrony  with each other for ultimate functioning of the whole.  However, with life experiences and traumas these systems may not develop optimally.  They may become overactivated (imagine a worrier who is ever-alert), suppressed (ex/frozen in fear) and undifferentiated (where two systems get wrongly wired together so that one interferes with the functionality of the other. . .  say when someone longs for connection, yet runs away from intimacy, perhaps because of abuse or bullying experiences causing them to associate closeness with danger).  The result of these systems not working well, independently or as integrated, can cause people to feel depressed, anxious, frustrated or angry, they may have mood or behavioural disorders and other issues, including relationship concerns. It follows that CIMBS is useful in Counselling treatment for depression, anxiety, mood and behavioural disorders, and relationship problems.

In treating these concerns, CIMBS allows people to identify the formerly unconscious working of these systems, how they impact them on a visceral and authentic level, to assess how they are working for them now in conjunction to what they truly want, while learning how they need to be in order for these systems to be positively activated and optimally functional. Through repetition the new neural connections become strengthened and with practice they become the new way of being.

CIMBS Summary

In short then, CIMBS is an innovative psychotherapy, based in neuroscience, which uses targeted techniques to optimize neuroplasticity to maximize the functioning of Multiple Brain Systems.  CIMBS allows us to better reach our fullest potential, so we may live happier and more satisfying lives.

You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.
— Eckhart Tolle
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