Lorraine McAteer has dual accreditations as a Registered Clinical Counsellor and Certified Canadian Counsellor. She has 12 years Post-Secondary Education in Medical and Psychological Sciences, was awarded an MA in Counselling Psychology from SFU in 2002, and has built a successful private practice in liaison with Medical Clinics and Wellness Centres. She has given lectures on: Fostering Emotional Intelligence, Parenting, Building Resilience and Mastering Stress. Her thesis examined the Effects of Personal Control and Social Supports on Stress and the Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety. Her current practice is diverse; She has successfully worked with Individuals, Groups and Couples, from multiple backgrounds and ‘all walks of life’, from ages 10 to 82.

Lorraine is a genuine, caring and insightful professional who creates a safe therapeutic space in which to foster self-awareness, mindfulness, personal growth and transformation. She takes a holistic and humanistic approach to Counselling, in which she honors both the mind-body connection and each client’s unique individuality and aspirations; This approach aims to better facilitate the attainment of total Health, (in relationships, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically and physically), and improved sense of overall Wellness and LIfe-Satisfaction.

Lorraine facilitates client change, empowerment and goal-attainment utilizing several theoretical and research-based methodologies, such as EMDR, CBT, Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems (CIMBS) and Gottmans' Relationship Therapy. Her aim is to facilitate and guide clients to more optimally live their lives, so that each may attain new meaningfulness, enthusiasm and personal Life-Satisfaction . . . In essence, so that they may Live their Best Life . . .


Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.
— Dalai Lama