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Helping people to know their authentic self and take flight is my life’s purpose. My approach is based in neuro-psychology: helping people rewire their brains so they may transform their lives.

Imagine a drop of water falling into a pond and the ripples which unfold.  So too, as one of us breaks free from feeling stuck and unhappy,  to live with more peace and contentment,  our lives touch other’s to foster ripples of shared positivity and mutual growth.  We pull up others, by pulling up ourselves first.  We are the change we want to see in the world.  In effect, we flourish together;  The world becomes a better and healthier place, as we each grow and improve the ways we connect in our immediate circle and with all those whom our lives touch.  


The ways of doing therapy are vastly improving. Thanks to break-through research in neuroscience and mindfulness, we know far more on how to unleash the potential of the mind to change the brain.  I am delighted to be able to have the multidimensional background to offer a plethora of techniques which blend the tried and true with the newer, cutting edge modalities to help you live your own best life.

It all begins with a first step. Call or text me today.